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By Fergy

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

I have a hardy fuchsia, Dollar Princess as it hasn't been cut back it now stands approx 45cms and is sprouting leaves all over. Should I cut it back to base now or leave it to grow?



I'd wait until autumn to prune personally

6 May, 2015


if you are happy with the size leave it. if its too big prune it down to the height you want it to be. it will form a good sized bush if left. next year it may get knocked back by a hard frost.

7 May, 2015


The advice with hardy fuchsias is never to cut in autumn, but to wait until growth begins. The Fuchsia Society recommends always cutting to the ground, but its not always necessary - just tidy up the twiggy bits and cut back to parts which are growing strongly.

7 May, 2015


Dollar Princess is a very vigorous one. After a very mild winter branches do some stay live, and last year I experimented by leaving cutting some of them back by about a third and the rest the the base. it didn't affect the flowering time as much as I expected . With less robust varieties you tend to get more flowers on shoots that have grown up from the base but Dollar Princess comes up trumps whatever you do - worth her weight in gold. .

7 May, 2015


Thanks everyone for all your comments, much appreciated

7 May, 2015

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