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By Cynthia

Michigan, United States Us

Many of my creeping phlox appear to be dead. I didn't think it was an unusually bad winter. The year before was and they were fine. Any ideas what could of caused this? I assume if they are brown they are not coming back? Thanks for any info you may have on this.



Could easily be the cold i would could leave it a few weeks to see but if you gently investigate and it comes away then its probably gone....

7 May, 2015


I don't think the winter had anything to do with it, unless it got a high dose of "snow melt" or salt from de-icing. I live in New York - about the same grow zone as MI. My creeping phlox is beautiful - see the photos in my gallery.

It's very early in the season for creeping phlox to turn brown and I know we had a good amount of rain. My guess is salt burn, a bug of some kind attacking the roots or somehow it never got water. My suggestion: replace them with new ones while still in season. Mine cost $2.99 at the supermarket.

7 May, 2015


Thanks for the tips. I was gone for only 3 days and when I came home they had bloomed but still have brown. Thanks again.

12 May, 2015

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