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about hormone rooting power,in the 1950 when i went to a university .i was told rooting powder is only weed killer ,so you must never put to much on a tip of a cutting,now having friends in america who are gardeners,they now tell me the best rooting liquid for any cutting is made by yourself,you need weeping willow new growth,young tender wood ,which you put into a kitchen electric mixer ,until it is a soggy mess put some of this on the open wound of your cutting and watch it make root,if you want to see more look on your web site for weeping willow rooting liquid,



That's amazing! Wonder if it contains aspirin, and if so would a solution of aspirin work too?

9 May, 2015


Willow water contains indoleacetic acid (IAA) and salicylic acid (SA). IBA is a hormone that promotes root growth and SA helps with pathogen resistence by inducing the plant's defences.

CLONEX gel contains indole-butanoic acid (very like IAA) but rooting powders like STRIKE contain 1-naphthyl-acetic acid, an artificial rooting hormone that is the same shape as IBA (analogue) but more chemically stable.

9 May, 2015

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