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My honeysuckle last year was covered in aphids. I managed to get rid of them and I pruned the shrub cutting off all the damaged bits. This year it flowered and was looking good with no aphids at all. After flowering all the leaves have shrivelled and gone brown and it looks a little like black spot on roses but not the same. I have watered the garden every day, including the honeysuckle. Should I cut it right back again and any advice on what to do next year etc.

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first, on the subject of watering, you shouldn't be watering every day unless your plants are in pots. Please, if you have time, read my blog on watering by clicking on my avatar and selecting blogs and then the watering one - its' not very long to read, but would take me half an hour to type here.
Second, your honeysuckle is suffering from drought by the sounds of it (poor watering technique) but may also require a general fungicide spray, one that treats mildew, black spot, etc.

20 Jul, 2010


Many thanks for your advice. I only water my tubs and baskets daily, plus the runner beans tomatoes and bedding plants. Obviously the honeysuckle gets some of this but obviously I am not doing things correctly so thanks for the words of wisdom. Unfortunately I cannot find your blog on watering. I have found several but not this one - what is it called?

23 Jul, 2010


Sorry, its called Watering for Beginners, and its the first one I ever wrote, so at the bottom of the list under Blogs on my profile page, posted 6 June 2009.

23 Jul, 2010


Thanks, I have now found your blog and it was very useful. I will adjust my watering habits in the light of this. I have bought a general fungicide and will try on the honeysuckle and see what happens. Thanks again.

24 Jul, 2010

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