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Salvias. Back in July last year I asked about a good salvia to plant. I got lots of replies and decided on salvia caradonna. I ordered them online as couldn't find them locally. I planted them last summer and they have completely disappeared! The plug plants were small and sent with cut off stems and was maybe not expecting them to grow very much. Question is when do they start 'waking up'? I have found the labels where I planted them but don't want to go rooting just in case. Deep down think I have lost them...:(



Hi I have 3 of these and mine have made decent growth of about 6 inches, I'm not too far away from where so I would assume yours should have been well on the way too, are they in full/mostly sun? :)

11 May, 2015


Daylily - they were planted in a sunny border but thinking back I fear the quality of plants wasn't great. I think they have just perished. My boarders are pretty packed so I might have overlooked them and forgot to water?

11 May, 2015


Hi, Its happened to me too I have bought plants before and they do not come back then I have stuff I'm not expecting to see again but they survive so its a difficult one isn't it, could slugs/snails have had them., mind you I didn't notice them attacking mine, as you say they may have just perished, I bought two heucheras last year from the garden show the ones fine but the other has just disappeared in the pot, just a few dead sticks :(

12 May, 2015


I am hopeless at remembering to care for plug size plants as have been ill a lot last year. My solution was to progressively pot on and on into 2-3 litre pots. You cant miss them when you plant them then, particularly if they are in strong growth when you plant them out, and not too rootbound.

12 May, 2015

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