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One of my Gooseberry bushes has a heavy infestation of something tiny - probably newly hatched aphids - on the tips of every shoot. The leaves are too small and curled back to be able to spray underneath with anything and i don't want to use a systemic because the fruit has set. m any ideas? i can only think of cutting off all the affected branch tips.



A solution of equal parts dish washing liquid and water usually works on aphids. If the leaves are too tightly curled, try dunking them into a bucket of the solution. You can also shoot off the aphids with a stream of water.

Bring on a natural predator - lady bugs love them.

12 May, 2015


I agree Bathgate....I think the wee spotted critturs are called laybirds here

12 May, 2015


Alternatively,if you are an organic gardener,try a garlic doesn't kill them,but it deters them from coming to use on any infected plants,edible or not..

12 May, 2015

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