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Growing wild in North Devon flowering time May, leaves simular to Blue Bell but narrower, what is it please? Thanks.




Difficult to tell from the photos, but I think it's Rosy Garlic, Allium roseum. Not a British native.

12 May, 2015


Hi, Landgirl, using your answer, I did a Google search & it looks very much like it. Although there is no aroma but that could come later or is only in the bulb. Thanks very much for your quick reply, I can sleep tonight. ☺?

12 May, 2015


rub the leaves to see if they smell a bit oniony - they should do.

12 May, 2015


Will do Bamboo, thanks, will let you know tomorrow. ?

12 May, 2015


Ha!! Looking up Allium Roseum has just given me the answer to my squirrel problem lol!!! They are commonly used as companion plantings to tulips to deter squirrels!! At first glance I thought your bulb looked like Star of Bethlehem but it is too pink, so yes, Wiki entry showing the garlic looks more likely. Is probably a garden escapee.

12 May, 2015

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