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how do I get rid of ivy growing on the ground



Rip it up, it's so satisfying! Ivy is resistant to most weedkillers, although some claim to kill it. The leaves have a waxy coating that stops the weedkiller from penetrating. You could crush it up first before spraying, but then you might as well pull it up. Dig out any large roots.

12 May, 2015


thank you for reply I think everyone is of the opinion weedkiller is not the way to go
I have just found and read some of the comments made earlier for the same question
not sure what to do now as the area involved is large and digging out roots seems a very hard and time intensive task

12 May, 2015


Wait for 3 days dry weather, it will be easier.
If you can let the roots dry off a bit, then burn them on site it will help to destroy the roots.

12 May, 2015


It certainly is a hard and intensive task but I've never found any other way. We had a garden where it was so deep we discovered a wheelbarrow and a rotary clothesline underneath it all, and pulling it all out was hard but very rewarding!

12 May, 2015


I have a continuous battle with the stuff. My neighbours love it! And nettles! And brambles!

13 May, 2015

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