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Ilex posted a comment on July, 2010 and had a picture of a Flamingo Magnolia (M. acuminata. 'Fertile Myrtle'x M. sprengeri var. diva Pure pink flowers on an upright growing tree. Leaves are as sprengeri var. diva. From Phil Savage) that Ilex had for 10 years and it just made its first flowers.

I purchased four of these plants from Rare Find Nursery in 2007, about 8 years ago. They are very robust and are kept about 10 feet tall (after pruning). The problem is, they have never bloomed. Is it just that they take that long to produce flowers, or am I doing something wrong? I live in Lacombe, Louisiana (zone 8B).

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I can't find much information regarding your particular cultivars, but with regard to Magnolias generally, they often do take years to flower, in particular if they are planted in conditions that aren't quite right for them - maybe too much sun or the soil dries out too often. The other thing that delays flowering is constant pruning, and that may be the problem with yours.

13 May, 2015

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