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Beetles - this is a long shot !
My neighbour found some beetles climbing up his external wall and wondered what they were, and whether he should worry about them. I said I'd check with you guys. Trouble is - they are only about 1/4 of an inch long and the quality of the photo is not good.




Here's my long shot answer Hank. This beetle is found in the UK. My guess is a wood worm beetle aka furniture beetle. It is about 3 mm in length and first appears in its adult stage in May after spending about 3 years in its immature form munching on wood. . Sci name is Anobium punctatum. Best Regards.

14 May, 2015


They look a bit too round for furniture beetle and 1/4" is too big.
Could be mint beetle. A clearer photo would help - with a ruler alongside to show the size. You can keep the critters stil by putting them in a plastic bag and laying it flat, held down by the ruler. Get close up with your iPad and then crop the pic so that one critter plus the ruler are visible.

14 May, 2015


Its impossible to make out any detail because the photo's blurry - can't tell whether they've got short or long feelers, or any at all, whether the bodies are segmented or solid, shiny or dull, how many legs, etc. I don't suppose there's any chance of a clear photo, even of one?

14 May, 2015


Beetle picture sent in new question. Hope it helps

14 May, 2015

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