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My son-in-law dug up a rhododendron that had been in the same spot for over twenty years. Its over 5 feet tall. I know its not a good time to replant it, but they needed it out. Do I prune it back, and does it need all shade...... Thanks............Ruth

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Welcome, Ruth!
I would selectively prune it so that 1/4-1/3 of the leaves are off, just to keep it from drying out too fast, plant it in at least partial shade, and use a good root stimulator, such as Superthrive, on it. Keep it well watered until fall, too.

20 Jul, 2010


Hi Tugbrethil, thank you for the advice on my shrub. We will get it planted and watered good and hope it will grow. Hate to throw any plant of any kind out. Thanks again.

22 Jul, 2010

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