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Hi, a friend of mine has taken cuttings of her money tree and has placed straight into her garden again, they have spots on the tops of leaves but none underneath,what would you recommend and will they still grow before being back in the garden? Marz



Highly unlikely that cuttings from a monkey puzzle tree will grow simply stuck into the ground, normal way to propagate this tree is from seed. The website below gives advice on how to propagate from cuttings, though in NZ you'll need to think December, January to do so.

15 May, 2015


Is it money tree or monkey puzzle? I'm confused. If it is money tree or Crassula ovata then it's the easiest thing to take cuttings from. Monkey puzzle I would have no idea about and judging from them being few and far between, (down here anyway) they are probably not easy to propagate.

15 May, 2015


This is where common names cause issues.

Money Tree to me is Pachira aquatica. Money plant is Crassula. If the latter then you can get spots, normally a sign of too much water or stress. I normally let them heal over before placing in well drained soil: roots emerge fairly quickly.

If Pachira aquatica then you can root in water fairly easily. It is normally sold as a house plant in the UK twisted into a Standard shape and can be put outside only in summer.

15 May, 2015


Oops I misread the question ignore info on Monkey Puzzle tree!

15 May, 2015


I quite often write replies Moon growe only to reread the question and find I have written about another plant! Easy to do.

16 May, 2015

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