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how do i stop the squirrels from stealing my half developed apples from yhe garden tree



They really are very mischievous creatures, and the RSPCA are intent on protecting them, even though classed as vermin, if grey. A man has just been criminalised for drowning one and fined £1500!!!. They were stealing birds peanuts. There is no way to keep squirrels off your property, they use fences as roadways, and come to inspect our Hazel tree. There are lots of nuts this year. They bury far more than they eat. I must have pulled up hundreds of them while tending the borders. The 'official' way to kill them is to trap and put in a sack and knock over the head!!!!!!. (DAILY MAIL) Or scare the daylights out of them by taking to a vet and paying £70 to have them killed 'humanely.

21 Jul, 2010


Another Daily Mail reader! thanks for the comment although as you point out there is little Ican do to stop them. We back onto private woode area- if I dispose of one(and Im certainly not up for that) there are at leasta dozen other. Id hoped that some jangling tinfoil or simillar might do the trick-it worked for bird scaring when I was a kid anyway- the squirrels just laughed at it as they filled their boots! It is annoying as we have been waiting patiently for these two trees to produce, and what started as a bumper crop is disappearing before our eyes. One of natures little teases I guess.

21 Jul, 2010


We live in the middle of town and they will appear when the nuts are ripe, never seen at any other time. They eat cherries too! They bury cherries as well as eating them. They dig up bulbs in a friends garden as soon as planted. I read The Times until it went up to £1....10p too far!! They look cute too. One of my best water colours I have ever have done is of a grey squirrel eating a red berry.

22 Jul, 2010

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