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For the past few days I have found brown pod like seeds about 5mm in size on the ground around my willow tree which is in a containeralthough none appear to be on the tree. Any idea what they could be. thanks



You may have a female tree. It is usual (if your tree is a Kilmarnock Willow) to have the male form which produces the silky grey-white catkins with yellow emergent stamens in early spring but there is a female clone going around that unfortunately still gets passed off as the male form. This produces catkins of small carpels (seed pods when fully developed) and doesn't develop the yellow stamens. It is less attractive consequently. It might be these that have fallen?

Can you post a picture with something to scale?

20 Jul, 2010


thanks for everyones help ,i will endeavour to post a picture in the near future

22 Jul, 2010

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