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pangasinan, Philippines Ph

bacopa- research shows it can be grown from seed but mainly cuttings, i'm going to try cuttings, does anyone know if it will grow in the tropics ie:- 15 degrees north??



Should grow fine, you are aware that it is an aquatic plant Alun?

19 May, 2015


Also sold as summer bedding here for pots and baskets though, MG - grows alright in soil provided it doesn't dry out.

19 May, 2015


thanks moongrower, didn't realise it was aquatic, going to try cuttings, seems' i should keep them damp, to you also bamboo, i was just interested as i want to grow some in philippines where i spend the winter, i try lots of uk plants, but not many like the heat??

21 May, 2015

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