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dear members I have a 2year old peony tree which has not flowered can anyone give me some advice



Is this a tree peony or the regular herbaceous kind John

19 May, 2015


Where's it planted? Needs very fertile, well cultivated soil, sun and shelter from cold winds. What's your care regime been, if any (feeding, watering, pruning, etc)? Assuming its a tree paeony...

19 May, 2015


I've had mine 5 years now and only a few leaves:( I hope these lovely members can help us maybe I've planted it too deep? But I've read they hate to be transplanted so it's a rock and a hard place situation.

20 May, 2015


Tree peonies don't mind being transplanted as much as the herbaceous ones. I would move it if it's not doing well where it is.

23 May, 2015

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