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since pulling off a flower stalk plus some nice thick ones which were eaten leaving some small ones to grow ,those small ones have grown longer but very thin i have kepy watered and fed some phostrogen plant now 2 years old and after not pulling any last year i am disapointed so what have i done wrong please

On plant rhubarb



Your rhubarb is still a young plant, Snoopdog, and this is what they do. The first stems will be good and thick and the following ones less so. Given that the plant is only a couple of years old I would not take any more stems off it this year. As the plant matures you can start taking some of the thinner stems as well, but not all of them; it still needs some leaves to build up its energy for the following year.

19 May, 2015


I'd also get some well rotted manure on it later in the season rather than feeding with phostrogen...

19 May, 2015

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