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By Zoa

how to prune and regrow cutting of the Ficus Lyrala ?



Hi, welcome to GoY, I assume you mean Ficus lyrata, {Banjo fig, fiddle leaf fig,}in which case you can take semi ripe cuttings from now to midsummer, put them in a soil based cutting compost, and place in a propagator with some bottom heat, as for pruning, they're pruning group 1, which means minimal pruning, just removing any crossing shoots, do it in winter or early spring while the plant is dormant, you don't say where you are in the world, so this information relates to the UK, Derek.

20 May, 2015


You might be able to do what I do with my brown turkey fig... Wrap some damp spagnum moss around the bottom of a branch and then wrap some cling film around the spagnum moss. In a few weeks you should see roots mixed in with the moss, just cut the branch off below the roots and plant it on.

It works so well on my brown turkey fig that I don't even bother to use spagnum moss now, I just use damp compost. I don't know if this will work with Banjo fig, if it doesn't then you've lost nothing and the plant will still be complete and undamaged.

21 May, 2015

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