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How big do pussey willow trees get



Thanks very much

20 Jul, 2010



20 Jul, 2010


How to pussy willow trees get 'WHAT' . Sorry Ethel you need to be a lot clearer with your question.

20 Jul, 2010


I think Ethel is asking about the "final size" of pussy willow trees.
According to the nursery where I buy my bareroot trees and bushes, the answer is 20m, but they don't say in how many years. I find in our exposed site that they die off before reaching that size, so I guess the answer is "it depends......"

20 Jul, 2010


And it also depends on the species. Salix vary in height from 2 inches tall creepers like S. repens to 4 feet tall shrubs like S. helvetica to 60 fett tall trees. All of them produce the familiar catkins.

21 Jul, 2010


The nursery I buy from calls Salix caprea, (= "Goat willow") pussy willow. I've just googled it and discovered that "many of the smaller species of willow are called pussy willow". The one that is native to America is Salix discolor - more info here -

Hope this helps Ethelhall.

21 Jul, 2010

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