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Hello, I joined up this morning hoping to get some help with a rose black spot problem. I have 14 young rose shrubs and they are all quite healthy, except one which is developing BS. My rose hygiene is good and I do the '3D' thing too! Is there any effective remedy? What have you tried? I've read online that spraying with milk and water works ... it sounds a bit 'eye of newt, leg of frog' - but maybe it does work?



Hi, my roses had black spot last year, I removed all the leaves and made sure that there were no leaves left on the ground, then I sprayed my roses with a solution of washing-up liquid and water, my remedy for most things, I also tried planting chives in between the roses as someone told me to do. My roses have been a lot better this year and up to yet no black spot. So maybe the above worked. Good luck with your roses and welcome to goy

22 May, 2015


Oh thank you! I'll try the washing up liquid and water spray and I can certainly plant some chives!

22 May, 2015


No, don't try washing up liquid solution, it absolutely won't work, though it might on aphid infestation - the washing up liquid for aphids should be eco friendly, mixed in plenty of water, not just Fairy Liquid. It is of no value for fungal infections, of which black spot is one. Not allowing infected fallen leaves to remain anywhere is a good idea though, pick them up as soon as you see any and dispose of them away from your compost heap.

There is a milk solution - has to be cow's milk, doesn't matter whether its skimmed or full fat or whatever, so long as its cows milk. l part milk to 2 parts water BUT, you have to use it every week, and it works best as a preventative. Still worth trying though, but if it doesn't do the trick, pick off badly affected leaves, and buy some Roseclear Ultra and use that instead.

By the way, welcome to GoY!

22 May, 2015


Many thanks, I'll give the milk solution a try!

22 May, 2015


I just use Roseclear or similar and dispose of the leaves with the black spots.

22 May, 2015


Thank you! Does it work?

22 May, 2015


It works very well. Its good to start routine spraying before the spots appear but its OK to do it afterwards - just make sure you pick up and destroy any fallen affected leaves.
If you go for washing up liquid use an Eco one.

22 May, 2015


Thank you. :)

23 May, 2015

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