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We have a vine ,Brant,it's been in for 3 years and has spread really well, but this year the whole centre of it has no leaves at all, and the only leaves are at the very ends.Can anyone tell me what may be wrong, am reluctant to dig it out just yet.



Sorry, what is 'Brant'?

22 May, 2015


Grape vine?

22 May, 2015


Sorry, yes, it's an ornamental grape vine called Brandt or Brant.Just been closely looking at it, and all the affected twiggy growth with no leaves is jam packed with small beetle type things fastened tight to the branch.Have pulled a few off, and maybe not alive in that sense, brown in colour and round and no legs!

22 May, 2015


Sounds like Scale insects
This is useful info

22 May, 2015


Thanks Owdboggy, that's exactly what it is! I shall start treating it tomorrow.

22 May, 2015

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