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I,m trying to find a PM from Feb last year. (I'm terrible at deleting and they are still nearly all there) I can get back to the page 6 listed at the bottom of the page or I can get back to the very beginning by clicking Last, but cant get to anywhere in between. is it me or the system?



If you scroll down to the base of your messages page, you will see something like 1,2,3,4,5, next, last

click on number 5, and then scroll down again and you will see something like 5,6,7,8,9 ..

then click on 9, and you'll get the next five messages.

Repeat this system enough times, clicking on the highest number you see ... and you'll get back to Feb. 2014.

Please reply to say if this works for you, so that the question can be left on GoY to help others.

24 May, 2015


Thanks Terra. I did do this yesterday and it didn't work. So with your influence I've just tried again and this time it behaved properly - thank you for the magic touch! I've found what I wanted.

24 May, 2015


That's good news :o)

24 May, 2015

How do I say thanks?

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