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I am worried about the health of this air plant


By Doodle

I am worried about the health of these air plants.

Picture one: I have a feeling that it is dead or dying, because the bottom is a light brown and the leaves keep going brown at the tips. I trimmed away the brown areas but it is slowly happening again. Also, there is a red splotch on one of the sides, I don't think it is blooming, but I am concerned about this. I water it once a week and it sits on gravel in a small glass container, but before this it was in the container that it came with (I've had it since February) which was a black ceramic oval shape, but sadly it broke!

Picture 2: The larger plant of the two is very new, I bought it from Terra yesterday. It seems healthy, but I am not sure about the pattern on the leaves, and if this is normal or an indication of the plant dying. There are dark purple stripes all over it.


On plant Tillandsia

Img_20150523_201634328 Img_20150523_201507617



The newer one looks ok, older one perhaps not. As far as watering, once a week, I let mine ( when I had them) soak in a bowl of water- from the faucet which sat for a couple of days in a gallon container- for about ten minutes and then shook all the water off and let them dry on a paper towel for a couple of hours then set them back in their containers. Mine were seashells.

24 May, 2015


They both look absolutely fine to me.

I'd be giving them a good mist over twice a week in spring and summer, once in autumn and winter

24 May, 2015

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