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Answers to 3 plant questions please.

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top photo .. identification please

second photo .. is this a weed ?

lower photo .. These are seed heads of Anemone de Caen... do I leave them on ? Will the seeds fall and
germinate to produce more anemones, or will the original corms reproduce, and benefit from having the seed heads removed. ?

Thanks in advance for your response . :o)

P1230166 P1230167 P1230168



First photo: Veronica gentianoides. A pretty spring flower which gradually dies away to reappear the following spring in May. It will spread gradually. Mine is pale blue.
Second photo: not sure but looks a bit like a delphinium. Wait to see if it flowers.
Third photo: I always leave my seed heads on Anemone Blanda and they naturalize quickly.

24 May, 2015


Thanks very much Arbuthnot ... that's very helpful ...
I hope the Sunday weather is being kind to you in Buckinghamshire ...
... we'll see if we get more answers on 2 and 3. Do you leave the flower heads on your Veronica gentianoides please ?

24 May, 2015


Mostly I cut them off but I don't think it hurts to leave them.

24 May, 2015


Okay... thank you Arbuthnot.

24 May, 2015


#2 looks like the leaves of an eryngium to me

24 May, 2015


Thanks Moongrower .. I'll search for that and compare.

24 May, 2015


Hi Tt, I'm voting for Delphinium for #2, Derek.

24 May, 2015


Thanks Derek... I'll photograph #2 plant again when it has grown larger.

24 May, 2015


I don't think No.2 is Delphinium, it doesn't look like the leaves of mine. I think its a weed.

25 May, 2015

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