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Where did 'Sweet Carrots' come from ? Having sent for the seed I now find 'Sweet Carrots' are on sale in a supermarket. No description of the chemicals spread on the land in the winter. I will still grow my own.
Always sow 'Early Nantes' in June for a crop in October.
As a child I remember pulling up a Carrot in the garden, rubbing the dirt off, and eating it. They were not sour.
I suppose by the same token Parsnips could be 'Sweet',
Peas could be 'Sweet' - no that wouldnt be so effective.



The origional carrot came from Afghanistan about 5,000 years ago. It was bitter but well known to be nutritious. It hit the trade routes and became wildly distributed as well as modified to be larger and less bitter. Fast forward to the 17th century and it was introduced into the Netherlands being upon its arrival yellow in color and mildly bitter. It was the Dutch though selective cultivation who turned its bitterness into sweetness and giving it the pronounced color it has presently. I like carrots but only eat them cooked. For some unknown reason for all of my life eating raw carrots gives me the hiccups.

25 May, 2015


I eat steamed carrots every day. It definitely helps my eyesight.
For hiccups bend over forwards, holding half a glass of water, then drink it from the forward edge of the glass.
Compresses the diaphragm, cures the hiccups.

25 May, 2015

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