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Companion planting for hosta. I was told at the weekend about planting aquilegia with hosta - it was described on purely cosmetic grounds as the aquilegia would fill the pot in the spring before the hostas come through. It struck me as a nice combination and was looking up some varieties of aquilegia and it seems that this is actually a method of reducing slug/snail damage. Apparently the critters don't like aquilegia leaves.
Does anyone use aquilegia or other planting as a first line defence against snails/slugs. I've used sacrificial plants in the past growing the odd lettuce in an attempt to attract them away from the hostas.



Hello: I found this expert from "Michigan Gardener" you might find interesting and useful.

Add plants such as ginger, garlic, mint, chives, red lettuce, red cabbage, sage, sunflower, fennel, foxglove, astilbe, ferns, mint, chicory, and endive that have foliage and toxins less desirable to slugs. Also consider planting some of the blue type or waffled-leaved hostas that slugs seem to scorn.

Here is the link if you want more info: Hope this helps

27 May, 2015


I avoided Hostas for years because l didnt like them full of holes and l have lots of slugs and snails,even though l love them.I tried one in a shady spot a few years ago and it was fine. l now have 6, 3 of them in pots,and strangely they have NEVER been attacked.l dont suppose anyone has a reason for this the leaves do seem quite tough.

27 May, 2015


Aquilegias often self-seed in my hosta pots but I haven't noticed it making any difference to the slug/snail damage. I'll see what happens this year!

27 May, 2015


I've never really noticed any difference with the blue varieties. The thick leaved varieties are more chewy (regardless of colour) and one of my blues has been badly munched while I've been away over the holiday weekend.
I'm going out on patrol this evening as it's damp.
The companion growing is a bit late for this year but I might give it a go for next year.

27 May, 2015


There was a suggestion from one of our members recently that planting garlic cloves among hostas keeps slugs away - not very decorative but not conspicuous either and worth a try?

28 May, 2015


I find the small yoghurt pots filled with beer work a treat.

20 Jul, 2015


I usually take my beer straight from the bottle ?

I'm growing frogs this year Linmar so I don't want to kill the slugs/snails.

20 Jul, 2015

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