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Can anyone tell me the names of these clematis for pruning land when and what to take off I know there are groups I have lost the names of these so don't know when to prune

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Top, possibly, Ernest Markham
the middle one could be Dr Ruppel, Barbara Jackman, Nelly Moser, maybe?
Bottom one, possibly, Polish Spirit, The President?

It might help to know when they flower - are they all in flower now or were these photos taken some time ago?

The three methods of pruning basically come down to 'tidy up after flowering' ie remove deadheads and trim back any over-tangled/unwanted growth.

28 May, 2015


Well, you're right about the pruning Nannyann, requirements are different depending on the clematis - the ones you need to worry about with pruning are the late flowering hybrids, usually end of June/early July and which carry on flowering up to autumn. These ones must be cut down to about 8 inches from the ground in winter, but by mid February at the latest, and are Prune group 3.

If these are all in flower now, and have been for a couple of weeks, likely they are all Prune group 2, which produce these large flowers from around mid May, pause for a while and then, usually about six weeks later, produce smaller flowers up to autumn - these you can cut if you like, in winter, but you'll lose the early, large flowers, and only get the later, smaller flowers. Otherwise, its just a bit of a tidy up, snipping off anything you don't want or that's dead or unhealthy.

I'd say Dr. Ruppel for the pink one, Xerxes (also called Elsa Spath) for the purple one, and the only question mark is the red one - its not Ernest Markham, that has ruffled edges to the petals, and its also a Prune group 3, so later flowering. It's a bit like Ville de Lyon, but again, too early because thats a prune group 3, so it may be that this is a fairly new one, Clematis Bourbon Red, a prune group 2, again.

So that means you don't need to do anything with these right now other than keep a check for wilt!

28 May, 2015


Thank you folks these are all in flower now the big red one has been for a couple of weeks and the others about a week the red one is in the front garden and gets morning sun and the other two are in the back garden which is fairly shaded until late afternoon and I have never pruned any of them so far but will have a go this year fingers crossed they survive x

31 May, 2015


The size of these there shouldn't be anything to worry about tidying them up when they've finished flowering. If you think that they're getting completely out of hand you could cut them back by thirds - cut back one third of stems each year to a good pair of buds. That way you still have flowers while the new shoots are growing and the plant is rejuvenated over 3 years. It's worth loosely tying different colour string around the stems to be cut back in each of the years so that you know which ones ar next.

31 May, 2015


Thank you all for your help

1 Jun, 2015

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