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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Not what it should be !

You may remember me sending this photo of a plant, asking what it was. It grew from a seed in a malope tryffida packet but is obviously not one of these.
I've been looking after it with great care, hoping someone can tell me it was worth it. Can anyone now identify it, thanks.
Please God let the photo be the right way up.




It is the right way up and I still don't know what it is - be funny if you've been nurturing some ghastly weed all this time, and you wouldn't be the only person who's done that! Is it forming flowers, or is that just new small leaves I can see in that little cluster on the top?

28 May, 2015


it has a look of a large snapdragon to it I think.

28 May, 2015


I agree SBG

28 May, 2015


Found it SG and Sue. Thanks very much, I'd better find out what snapdragons are. will keep it.

29 May, 2015


No flowers at all B, just small leaves, but very healthy and growing 3 times as fast as the malope tryffida.
I would be as sick as a parrot if it's a weed but it appears it could be an antirrhinum. Fingers crossed.

29 May, 2015

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