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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is it worth keeping or a weed ?
You may remember me recently sending in a photo of a plant and asking what it was. I'd set some malope tryffida seeds from a packet and this had grown along with them but was very different.
It has grown considerably and I hope you can tell me what it is and whether to keep it or chuck it. Thanks
Please God let me send it the right way up.




I answered on your earlier question Hank ;o)

28 May, 2015


Sorry S, dammit - must have missed it.

29 May, 2015


Found it thanks to you guys. I didn't know I'd sent the question twice. My ipad has been messing me about just recently.

29 May, 2015


ANTIRRHINUM ! Just saw picture. Looke great. It's nearly 10 inches tall now? Should I put it out in the front garden ? Stake it ?

29 May, 2015


Oh dear, it appears I should have pinched the top out much sooner than this. Should I do it now or let it keep growing ?
Sorry to go on but quite excited. I hope it's perrenial.

29 May, 2015


I never bother pinching the tops and they still bush out, after the first spike has finisheded if not before. No need to stake. They can be perennial in a mild winter and they also self seed.

29 May, 2015


Thanks Sue. No pinching. Can I now put it out in the garden ? It's almost a foot tall and very healthy.

30 May, 2015


Yes, Mine are out and growing nicely!

30 May, 2015


Job solved. Just waiting for flowers now.

30 May, 2015

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