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What is happening in my newly seeded lawn?


By Alwaysh

Canada Ca

I have a newly seeded lawn. As it started sprouting so did some small mounds of dirt. Some think it it's from dew worms...I have dug up a few holes & have found some sort of burrowing fly & bright orange balls that are not fertilizer. Can anyone help me to identify? I don't want them moving into the neighbor's yard.

2015_05_26_20.40.20 2015_05_26_20.29.41 2015_05_25_20.50.40



They look like ant hills to me; something quite normal to see. The burrowing fly may have been the queen ant which I believe has wings and is larger then the other ants in the colony. She found your nice new lawn quite suitable to begin a new colony.

The photos aren't very clear, but I'd say those orange balls are seeds or berries perhaps dropped by a bird; also quite normal. Water your grass seeds daily and in a couple weeks, you'll have a new lush green lawn. All in all, nothing to worry about.

28 May, 2015

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