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My daughter brought a bulb home from nursery and after a few months of caring I don't know what the result is. Anyone know what her plant may be




It looks as though it's about to flower. Identification would be easier then.

29 May, 2015


Iv had for around 4/5 months and initially thought it was a daffodil as she did it in preschool. I'm dying to find what it is

29 May, 2015


That's aflower bud in the middle. You will know in a couple of weeks.

29 May, 2015


Definitely not a daffodil though

29 May, 2015


Could it be a Dutch iris? Looks a bit shiny though.

29 May, 2015


Its the reflection of flash on the water that makes it look shiny. I hope it flowers soon so I can try and indicate what it is

29 May, 2015


Don't think leaves are right for any iris

29 May, 2015


Is it some sort of allium perhaps?

29 May, 2015


If we are starting betting on it I would go for an Ornithogalum!

29 May, 2015


Just joining in to see what it turns out to be1

30 May, 2015


I thought dutch iris when I saw the swollen middle where the flower is going to be.

1 Jun, 2015

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