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What is the best feed for red/green grape vines.I think mine are ready for a treat?



Grape vines do need regular feeding with a balanced feed such as[believe it or not] fish and bone every six weeks or a liquid feed such as seaweed fertiliser every few weeks.

29 May, 2015


Thanks for the info will get some this weekend.

29 May, 2015


If these are table grapes then you are better off using a liquid tomato feed every two weeks. All grape vines can be fed February using Growmore or other general fertiliser at 70g per sq. metre, plus sulphate of potash at 15g per sq m to 30cm either side of the base of the vine. That said if you've actually seen vines for making wine growing in France & Germany they are never ever fed!

29 May, 2015


agreed with you moon, some grapes dont need feed but france and germany have a better climate for growing grapes, so it's no surprise

29 May, 2015

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