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Ive had my Golden Dragon Tree for 4 months now it is well watered, but it has been looseing its leaves, yellowing 1st then brown, after that i cut them off. Im left now with a fith of the plant i had any suggestions please?

On plant Dracaena




Overwatering can eventually lead to root rot, which causes the leaves to dry and die. It's a more common problem than underwatering, which produces the same symptoms. People seem to react to dry-looking leaves by thinking the plant needs more water, which is not always the case. Allow the soil to dry down to a depth of 1/2 inch between waterings. Dig your fingertip into the soil to test it for dryness.

Another possibility is that the plant is root bound and cannot absorb enough water from the soil to support the top growth. The top growth begins to turn brown and become dry. More water won't solve the problem. It just leads to root rot. So, is the plant still in the same pot it was in when you purchased it? If so, have you knocked it out of the pot to see if it's root bound and needs a larger container?

Never allow the plant to stand in water that has collected in its drainage saucer/tray.

30 May, 2015


Thanks for the advice pieces off the plant are going mushy + soft so i know wot 2 do now THANK YOU! ?

30 May, 2015


Ive just taken the plant out its tray + the waters stagnent so ive took the tray away and leaving the water to filter threw. I cant beleive i thought i could take on a large plant as this fingers × ive not killed it!

30 May, 2015


I hope you can still save it. Good luck

30 May, 2015

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