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By Alextb

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Hello, plant feed question.

I normally use Miracle-Gro plant feed, but have come across Incredibloom advertised.

Does anyone have any experience in Incredibloom, and do you think it is worth buying this product?

I think it is a bit more expensive.




Developed/marketed by Thompson and Morgan - which would explain the price tag. But they do give it away free when you buy the very expensive incredicompost direct from T&M.
Supposedly a "ground-breaking innovation" ... hmmm I would be wary of that claim - what's new in the world of fertiliser?

30 May, 2015


NPK is 14-5-19, so quite high on the potash, probably good for flowering plants, might be useful in containers for summer bedding - one application should see them through a season until you're ready to bin them, so if you want to save the effort of mixing up feeds in liquid when you water, you might buy it. I'm somewhat concerned by the back of the box which suggests 'Use in July as a Top Up Feed' and talks about applying it not only to pots, but also to the garden. Nothing should be fed after end of July in the garden, though it'd be okay on summer bedding, which isn't expected to go through the winter anyway.

Depends whether you find mixing up Miracle Gro or similar every week or couple of weeks too tedious and don't mind paying a premium price to save yourself the task.

30 May, 2015


Thanks Urbanite. I became interested in it, in the same way I did with Miracle-Gro and saw the results (Miracle-Gro).

Thanks Bamboo, I will give it a try. I was looking in to buying for the use in my containers for my flowering plants.

30 May, 2015


You could always buy the £5 'starter' pack and if it works you have a £5 voucher to use against a full size pack.
I still can't see what the 'ground breaking innovation is.
I'll post some pics of the T&M lavender plants that the post man delivered this morning (my kitchen is being overwhelmed by the scent of lavender)

30 May, 2015


Thanks Urbanite, I look forward to seeing those plants.

30 May, 2015


The " ground breaking technology" is probably that the nitrogen is delivered in two ways...quick together with slow release.

30 May, 2015

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