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Why do the buds on my Aquilegias become mottled & then dry up? Is it a virus. There is no sign of aphids or any other pests.




Hi Feverfew: I hope you are having sunny weather in UK. Hope the kitties are ok.


The midge was first recorded in Britain in 2009. Infested plants have now been found in Kent, Essex, Surrey, Devon and North Yorkshire, indicating that it may be widespread and has gone undetected for a number of years.

As it is a relatively new pest in the UK, little is known about its biology. However, it is specific to aquilegias and will not affect any other plants. The larval feeding period is likely to be short, occurring over a few weeks in May, after which the maggots go down into the soil to pupate. There is currently no control for this pest other than the removal of infested flower buds before the larvae have completed their feeding.”

30 May, 2015


Thank you for your reply Bgate. I think I will have to get rid of them & perhaps not grow any for a year or so. It's a pity not to have the flowers, tho' the the leaves do look attractive. Didn't know about this midge. I'm sure you've made a correct diagnosis. Thanks for enquiring after my cat, Jessie,who is fine. We have had some lovely sunny days, tho' Wednasday we did get some very welcome rain.

31 May, 2015

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