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By Windy64

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everybody ...A Rose question... The picture says it all really, at first a few days ago the leaves still had some green on them,at first I thought it was a deficiency problem but now I fear the worst since reading up on rust decease and how horrible it is and how much it spreads.... so if anyone can give me confirmation for me I know the outcome 'the chop' or is there any way to save a life.... many many thanx. p. ;-)

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I fear it wants mending with a new one...

31 May, 2015


Thanks Steragram.

31 May, 2015


I've never seen rust that complete or so sudden that you wouldn't have noticed it a few weeks ago.
Looks like you've got mildew and die-back as well. I would suspect that there is some damage to the stems that has stopped water take up.
I'm with Steragram - I don't think it is worth attempting to salvage but I wouldn't plant a replacement in the same place. Dig it out, bag it up and burn it (if you can) or take it to your council's recycling.

31 May, 2015


I agree with all the above and would have a good look at the roots and soil as well as the stems when you remove it

there are many plants in the Rosace family, its a huge Genus, I'd be very careful what you replace it with.....

1 Jun, 2015


Thank you... phase 1 complete I have chopped it down to the base, its a shame really as there is new growth coming up as well as young growth with leaves of green, I did inherit it from a previous owner who I know lived here some 30 years and I've been here 10 years now, it was looking a bit leggy and I've been trying to encourage new growth with some success so I could cut it back at a later date, never mind thanks again. p.

1 Jun, 2015

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