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By Thecat

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

My dahlia tubers are sprouting well in their pots in the green house. Some have produced several strong stems. Can i split them to produce more plants? If so how do I do it?



You can take cuttings cut a shoot close to the tuber.Put in a pot in a mixture of horticultural sand and seed compost cover with a plastic bag and in about three weeks it should have rooted.

1 Jun, 2015


Thanks Peter. I've taken cuttings in the past but they rooted without flowering. I was thinking if I split the tubers effectively producing another plant from the same set of tubers.

2 Jun, 2015


Yes you could do what you are saying sometimes when a tuber brakes of it will shoot if you cut them to divide you may take the risk of the tubers rotting you could dust the cuts with sulphur powder or baby powder to help this from happening give it a try.

2 Jun, 2015


Thanx again Peter I will give it a try and let you know. "Baby powder" ?, that's a new one to me. You never stop learning as a gardener!!

2 Jun, 2015

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