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By Alextb

London, England Eng

Hello. Last year I bought a bushy Fuchsia 'Display'. I did not prune it as it was always covered in lush foliage, even during the winter.

Fuchsias I bought this year are in flower, but the display has only 1 flower and 2 buds and no other signs of flowering.

The flower and buds are on same 'branch'.

Has not pruning it harmed flowering, or am I just being inpatient?



If it was covered in lush foliage over winter you must have had a very mild winter some cultivars do tend to flower on the end of the branches and it would probably have been better to prune it back to probably half its growth or right to the ground may be getting a bit late for that now.
If you do cut it back you will probably not get any flowers for about twelve weeks, they are quite heavy feeders and I would feed it with a balanced feed at least once a week.

2 Jun, 2015


Thank You Peter. This fuchsia is on display in a pot at the front. I will swap this with another fuchsia that I have round the back.

2 Jun, 2015


Fuchsias planted outside often do not flower until early July. I have one with a few flower buds and was amazed they have appeared so early. The others are nowhere near flowering yet. I usually cut mine to the ground as soon as the new shoots start to show at ground level. I have tried leaving branches that survived the winter but have found that the newer growth, while not flowering quite so early, is much better. Incidentally I hardly ever feed them apart from a little mulch in winter.

2 Jun, 2015


Thanks Stergram.

2 Jun, 2015


Alex I just looked again and more buds have appeared on another couple of them of them but the others are nowhere near flowering yet.

3 Jun, 2015

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