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I am new to gardening. Not sure if this is a silly question or not. At the end of the summer when the flowers in the tubs have died can the compost be saved and used for the next year?



It is certainly not a silly question, and welcome to gardening and GoY.

I always save mine, as long as the plants have had no problems. I have a look through it to make sure there are no vine weevil grubs. Before I plant up the following year, I add plant food granules. Others may disagree, but it has always worked for me. Good luck!

2 Jun, 2015


A very sensible question! I also save mine - in fact I leave most of the compost in the tubs, and the following year take off the top couple of inches and add fresh compost . . . it seems to work.

Welcome to GoY from me too.

2 Jun, 2015


I do the same as Mel. Make sure that the plants had not caught any diseases, check through the compost for nasties (grubs and weeds) and add a fertiliser of choice to replace that used up by this years plants.

2 Jun, 2015


Thank you the 3 of you will certainly do what you have all suggested.

2 Jun, 2015

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