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Middlesex, United Kingdom Gb

My neighbour has informed me that I have cherry tree saplings growing in the lawn. How do I get rid of them? I tried digging them up put it seems impossible.



They must be a fair size if you can't just pull them out... Digging is the only solution unless they are so large that you just cut off at ground level and treat the stump with SBK a stump rotting treatment

21 Jul, 2010


Hi Guest,

They may well be suckers rather than saplings, which means they will have huge roots unfortunately.

21 Jul, 2010


Agree with Ilex - if there's a cherry tree in the vicinity, or once was one, these are probably suckers. If the root under the soil turns out to be thick and woody, drill into it with a medium wood bit to make holes about a quarter to half inch deep, fill the holes with SBK (a brushwood killer) and cover with something. Do this at intervals for the length of the root (most cherry roots are near the surface). Don't spill the SBK on anything else, including yourself though, and use it neat. This might be less disruptive to your lawn than trying to dig them out, though some disruption is unavoidable, but the SBK will see them off and get rid of the problem.

21 Jul, 2010


If they are suckers, be aware that treating them may kill the tree they are coming from--which may not be a problem!

21 Jul, 2010

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