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What can i use to get rid of slugs that will not put my dog at risk?



Hi I have come across a slug pellet that makes the slug stop feeding and then crawl away and die. its a 'plastic' looking pale blue pellet. when I can remember the name I'll let you know. it is claimed to be 'safe' for wildlife.

Also if you only sprinle a few around the plants that need protecting, especially under the foliage so they are hidden from your dog that might help too.

4 Jun, 2015


These pellets contain metaldehyde which can poison dogs. The pellets have a meal base so a dog might find it edible. Try crushed eggs shells or sprinkling diatomaceous earth around the plants. I would mention beer traps but the dog might lap it up which would not put your dog at risk but could very well put it at ease.

4 Jun, 2015


A night-time wander round with a torch and a bucket of salt water to drop your finds into, works but don't forget to wear a disposable glove to pick them up with! If you are of the vicious mind set it can be quite therapeutic.

4 Jun, 2015


I think the one SBG is talking about may be Sluggo by Neudorf (available on Amazon). It isn't metaldehyde and, supposedly, the slugs/snails crawl away and are reduced to harmless elements. I've used it in the past but not with any great success - but that was when I lived next to school playing fields and my hostas attracted every slug/snail within a half mile radius.
I'm now going down the frog road and putting up with a certain amount of slug damage.
Other options are beer traps (or similar - if you can face emptying them) or the night crawl with torch and bucket of salted water, mentioned above.

there is a trap on the market that has a double cup so that you don't throw out the beer every day - they're not very big though and have to be emptied regularly.

4 Jun, 2015


I have used nemaslug and it was very good

4 Jun, 2015


following a tip on here I've tried surrounding plants with torn up rhubarb leaves. No slug damage at all so far!

4 Jun, 2015


spend a day searching all the dark spots in your garden - under trays - pots and the like - and when you find them kill them - another way I found very good -- is place a plastic cup in the garden at ground level and fill with beer - you will be suprised how many slugs go to drink it and fall in -- Triffidkiller

5 Jun, 2015

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