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I have had red onions doing well, but have had Pigeon problems on other crops such as cabbage plants, I tightly netted these but still had something eat them and then within 2 days something has eaten the tops of my onions which are next to the cabbage Would it be pigeons. I have beer traps out for slugs but did catch a shrew a few weeks back could it be shrews or mice



I don't know about those beer traps. I think they actually draw slugs to your garden. I would recommend Diatomaceous Earth. Encircle each plant with it. Not sure if it would work for pigeons - but the netting should. You should be able to get some at Home Depot, Lowes or hardware store/garden center.

Shrews are mostly carnivorous so they are probably going after the slugs, snails and earthworms.

4 Jun, 2015

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