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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

This plant was set a couple of months from a seed in a packet of chilis. It was the only one that grew out of the 6 I set. The question is - is it a chili plant ? Or something else altogether ?




It's a weed i'm afraid...although a very happy and well cared for weed. Probably a Polygonum but a Chilli it ain't

4 Jun, 2015


Did you have them in a propagator Hank?
my peppers all germinated but are much slower to grow than tomatoes, they are in bud while the peppers are only around 6'' high

4 Jun, 2015


P. I have only 3 peppers this year. I - 6 inches and 2 smaller. Very slow.
B. Dammit, I've looked after it, talked to it, and it's a weed. If you're certain, it's being chopped up and discarded ttomorrow.

4 Jun, 2015


Its not a chilli....? all wrong, and the leaves.....

still you can keep it if you like it, just don't let it go to seed!

5 Jun, 2015


It's had a wonderful life!

5 Jun, 2015


its common name is bistort and yep 'fraid it is the wild form and so its a weed.

7 Jun, 2015


Thanks guys. I'd like to say that will teach me a lesson but I'm not sure it will. Although I'll ask a bit sooner next time,

13 Jun, 2015

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