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I have large plain green leaves sprouting from the base of my Salix tree. They are actually attached to the base of the trunk. The leaf is not the same as at the top of the tree. What are they and is this normal? Thank you Kelly Weber

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I don't have one of these, but I've had the same issue with my roses. A different rose kept sprouting up from the base.

Your Salix may be grafted onto the rootstock of a different plant. That different plant is trying to grow.

Is this normal? It happens with hybrids and certain cultivars. They are trying to go back to what they were originally, before being grafted onto another plant. You can just keep nipping off those shoots from the base, but that's a chore.

4 Jun, 2015


It happens...just chop them off.

4 Jun, 2015


As the others imply, this sounds like growth coming from below the graft point, off the rootstock, which is not the same as the plant grafted on top. Wrench them off physically if you can - this discourages them more from regrowing than actually cutting, but its not always possible, depends how long the tree's been in and how solid it is in the ground.

4 Jun, 2015

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