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I have a 3 yr old Brilliantissimum,and each yr it comes into leaf, it looks healthy. After a month or so the leaves go brown from the top, then gradually works down to all the leaves.
I have noticed some small red lumps on the lower leaves which look like eggs laid by an insect. Would an antifungal spray help, or is there another known treatment for this. I don't want to lose my tree.

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Have you got it in an exposed position/ they are originally woodland plants and need some shelter from the wind and preferably a bot of shade. That could easil cause the browning of the leaves. The lumps sound rather like a blister mite but I don't know anything about which sort it might be.

4 Jun, 2015


The red bumps aren't anything to worry about, they're probably gall mites - when these feed on the leaves, the leaf reacts by producing these bumps, often red. Even if you sprayed to try to clear the mites and killed them all, the bumps would remain. You can pick off the worst affected leaves if you like.

5 Jun, 2015


Thank you for your replies, I am very grateful.

9 Jun, 2015

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