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I have a poorly placed gooseberry bush in the midst of my raspberry patch. This year it has produced a huge crop for the first time but fruits are covered in mildew.Will this affect the raspberries? Should I remove it?



Would you really eat moldy fruit? No don't chance it. Why chance getting sick or worse? Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. Lots of people die each year from food poisoning = moldy food.

4 Jun, 2015


I wouldn't eat the fruit but neither would I necessarily remove the actual bush. For now pick off and bin the mouldy fruit and look at moving the gooseberry in the autumn.

5 Jun, 2015


It is American Blight. Won't spread to the raspberries and will not harm the bush for next year. Will not poison you either! It can occasionally affect blackcurrants The blight you can get on raspberries is caused by a different fungus. If you have the patience you can scrape the white off the berries and use them but its a bit of a fiddle (I have done goes brown eventually and isn't too difficult to get off if you are motivated and have time to kill..). There are varieties that are resistant so if it happens next you might think about replacing the bush. Invicta and Greenfinch are two of the older ones but there are now lots more.

Prune the bush in February to an open shape to get good air flow. Prune all side shoots back to three or four buds. Do not overfeed with nitrogen such as chicken manure- sulphate of potash is better - put it on in February. Use Growmore if you feel it needs a general fertiliser but it isn't normally necessary. The mildew will overwinter in the tips of the shoots so prune them off now and burn them. its a good idea to do a light summer prune anyway,though its usually done around July. Do not let any affected leaves remain on the ground.

There is no point in moving the bush - the fungus does not persist in the soil.
Invicta and Greenfinch are both resistant as I can vouch for personally -( being a gooseberry addict!) but there are lots of newer varieties.

5 Jun, 2015


Thanks so much for the all the help - v relieved about the raspberries!

7 Jun, 2015

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