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How can I take a cutting of a hydrangea and what else do I need to do to ensure its survival?
There is a beautiful hydrangea near to where I live. I have often thought of knocking on the door and asking for a bit. Cheeky or what??

On plant Pink Hydrangea



good link here...

21 Jul, 2010


hiya great i find the best way is layering take a branch as low down the plant as you can and put it on the ground with something heavy on it to keep it down and it will root once rooted cut it from the parent plant and dig up and pot on toll big enough to plant out good luck

21 Jul, 2010


Heidib, thats a very good link, just looked.

21 Jul, 2010


Thanks Guys and Gals. speedy10 the plant is in a neighbours garden-someone I don't know, so your suggestion might be a bit tricky to achieve!. It does make a lot of sence (not sure if thats the right spelling, think it should be an s lol!) though. Thanks for the tip. I have tried this technique with Lavender before and it worked.

Heidib im going to the web site now thanks

24 Jul, 2010


Thanks again Heidib now I know.

24 Jul, 2010

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