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Hi, I've a gorgeous climbing rose (or maybe it's a rambler) in my garden with large (size of your hand) single pale yellow flowers (like handkerchiefs) with a richer yellow centre with the most glorious scent. It flowers late spring/early summer. It's been growing well over 20 years and I cannot find the name of it. My neighbour wants one. I do remember the label reading it was one of the most spectacular early roses. It is well known and readily available because I came across it again a few years ago in a mail order rose firm but can't find it again now. Sorry I cannot add a photo as I'm not high tech. It's well in flower now, probably only last another few weeks and then it gives big red hips in winter. Any thoughts? Thanks so much.



Rosa Mermaid? Possibly? If its repeat flowering...

5 Jun, 2015


Perhaps the answer is to try taking cuttings for your friend. I've just taken some from my rambler after reading on here that they take easily. i've never tried rose cuttings before, but reckon its worth a try. :)

5 Jun, 2015

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