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Hello All,

I wonder if there is anyone who has any free seeds that they would like to send to me! I have a project that I would like to do that involves covering up an 8ft long chain-link fencing on my sloped garden!

I have spent time and resources growing grass seeds for the past year now and I have replanted all my flowers and plants but I need to cover that ugly fencing and add privacy to my garden.

I don't mind buying the seeds, seedlings or plants from you and will pay postage and send saes to facilitate this.

Please let me know...many thanks? and happy gardening?



If you want cover in a hurry you could try trailing nasturtiums - probably still time to plant them and they are cheap enough. I'd soak them for a few hours first to try to hurry them along. You might also find some seeds of Canary Creeper. Both these are only annuals so won't come next year, except that the nasturtiums may well self seed. Ivy would grow into an evergreen screen, but it would be much too slow from seed. There are many different ones.

How high is the fence and how much border have you got in front of it? I'm just wondering if shrubs might be more attractive than stuff climbing on the wire.

5 Jun, 2015


Good answer Stera! just what I was going to say! Sorry I don't have any seeds at the moment GMR. later in the year perhaps. ivy is the best screen I think. i have a lovely one...bright yellow, and its growing fast. Its called 'Buttercup' and I'm using it to clothe a dying plum tree. Its so bright and cheerful and of course its also evergreen. If you planted one, you could then grow nasturtiums in the meantime while it does its job.

5 Jun, 2015


True Karen. And once established you could grow clematis through it as well.

5 Jun, 2015


Clematis 'Montana' from Wilkinsons cheap enough.

6 Jun, 2015


Try E-bay?

6 Jun, 2015


Hello Fellow Gardeners?

Thanks for all your answers but I went straight ahead and began planting shrubs, Ivy, climbing roses, Morning Glory, Cloyisa and others.

It is a 3ft high chain-link fence and if all fails, I will need to fork money out for close-board fence panels for better privacy from nosy neighbours who keep looking over into my garden when I am in it, even though they have said hello about 20 times before! Either that or move!

Many thanks.

13 Jun, 2015


Maybe they just want to be friends? I used to enjoy having neighbours to talk to over the fence. If your fence is only 3 feet high some of our suggestions for climbers will be a bit OTT, though I did once grow a montana on one that height for a number of years until my neighbour cut it through at the root because it was shading her garden - at 3 feet high! But she was a nice lady and I didn't say anything. Just as well actually because the fence wouldn't have been able to support a mature one.I think shrubs are definitely your best bet there.

13 Jun, 2015

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