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I also bought a poundland mini venus fly trap , and it has fine claw s, but am not sure about it being a trap ..




When it gets bigger you will be able to see. If a fly lands on a leaf the leaf will fold in half, trapping the fly. when its finished digesting hte fly the leaf will open again. The fine claws are to enclose the trap so the fly can't escape.

5 Jun, 2015


Most interesting. Will look in Poundland.

6 Jun, 2015


The seedlings in the picture don't look like venus fly traps to me. Venus fly traps need high light levels and, most importantly ,you need to water them ONLY with rain water. Tap water will kill them as they can't tolerate the minerals and additives. If you repot, you need to use 50/50 peat and sharp sand. Or you can buy the mix for garden centres. It's worth doing, I've had mine for years.

6 Jun, 2015


No they don't Sid, but i thought perhaps they would develop later. The questioner does say it has "fine claws" which you can't see in the photo.You don't need rain water if you have soft water though. Leave it to stand for a while to allow any chlorine to evaporate

6 Jun, 2015


I grew this plant too from poundland and it actually grows extremely quick. I couldnt work out what it was as the plant is not a venus fly trap. I looked through endless pictures and names and came to a worrying familiar plant known as 'dendrocnide moroides'. Turns out to be a deadly plant lol well done poundland

3 Aug, 2015


As you can see its in my profile pic

3 Aug, 2015


I also bought one of these from poundland. It is growing well but definitely not a fly trap,
Has anybody identified what we are nurturing yet?

11 Aug, 2015


Re-read Charlie's first comment Sue !

12 Aug, 2015

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